I'll keep it short and simple.

What are fursuit sprays used for?

Fursuit (disinfection) sprays are used to keep fursuits as clean as possible during a meet, event or a convention and keep the smell  of sweat at a minimum.

It is especially handy for spots such as the inside of your fursuit head to prevent bacteria and/or mold build-up.
It is used as a temporary solution and not a substitute for washing your fursuit.

However they can also be used for other items such as your sofa!

The ingredients

Isopropyl alcohol(IPA) is a disinfectant used against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Distilled water is a type of purified water that does not contain the same (amount) of minerals as tap water (i.e calcium)

Vanilla stabilizer is used in soap making(or cosmetics) to prevent (yellowing) discoloration. 

Essential oils are used to give the sprays their lovely smell and to help mask the smell of alcohol.


Can fursuit sprays go 'bad' ?

the short answer :

The long answer :
If not stored properly there is a chance the oils might go rancid and turn the spray into a yellow/brown color.
It will also smell 'off' 

If this happens to any fursuit spray(regardless of brand) please get safely rid of it as it might potentially stain your product. 

But in general this should not happen and is a fairly rare occurrence.
I've made sprays that lasted well over 3 years without any discoloration or 'off' smells.

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