the artist

I'm Celestina, 30 years old, aro/ace, and I'm from the Netherlands
But my friends call me Mavi. :)
My pronouns are she/her or they/them

The colors on my website aren't randomly picked
they're actually colors from the Thistle flower!
Which is my favorite plant.

I'm what you would call a beginner fursuit maker
In fact, I'm completely new when it comes to hand sewing and using a sewing machine
Despite all of that sewing is a hobby I enjoy to the utmost

As for drawing and painting (digital&traditional) 
it is not a new hobby
I mostly use Posca markers or acrylic paint for my paintings
for digital art I either use my Wacom tablet & SAI or I use my iPad & Procreate

Some other hobby's include fursuiting, volunteering, conventions, videogames, and gardening
Once in a blue moon I stream videogames. 

the mascot

Mahima is the mascot for Clofurs.

She's based on a Maine coon cat named Mimi, the cat you see sitting on my lap.
Mimi was a very adventurous kitty who enjoyed walks, cuddles,  car rides, and more.
She was even a model for a photo event in the Netherlands!

She helped me become more social and more independent as I used to have Agoraphobia and thus avoided the outdoors and people as much as I possibly could.

Mimi sadly passed away in the beginning of 2020 at the young age of 2 and a half.

Having Mahima is my way of creating more memories & adventures with Mimi.