Fursuit questions

Voorbeeld antwoord op de vraag. Voel je vrij om de inhoud aan te passen met de werkelijke informatie die je wilt schrijven.

Een titel van de dienst die je levert

Beschrijf de service die je wilt vermelden. Of voel je vrij om de inhoud aan te passen met de werkelijke informatie die je wilt schrijven.

Of een tussenkop om het geheel overzichtelijk te maken

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What is a 'Clofurs' ?

Clofurs is a combination of the words 'clover' and 'furs'

It is a hobby where I show off my projects with 'Clofurs' being my alias.
The website is basically my portfolio. 

It is not a business. I do everything as a side hobby and for fun.
And a fairly expensive one at that.

Any profits Clofurs makes will be used for buying materials, sewing machine maintance, etc.
As the materials I use is not something one would call quite affordable or cheap.
(Posca markers easily costs 5,99 EURO a piece!!)

What is a fursuit?

A fursuit is a personalized mascot costume, basically. a form of costume play a.k.a cosplay. 

Despite the name containing the word 'fur' a fursuit is not made from real fur but from faux fur.
i.e luxury shag or shaggy fur.

Are you open for commissions?

Sorry, no.
My commissions are closed indefinitely.

May I contact you for a quote?

As of 2024 I do not accept custom commissions of any kind. Please do not e-mail me for an estimated price quote.

How do I obtain a fursuit from Clofurs?

Clofurs focuses on premades or will donate premades to charity at conventions.

If one is available it will be advertised on my website or on social media.

I have a question but it's not on the list

For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. I promise I won't bite. :)

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